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March 21, 2023

Case: Plantiverse

Project Background:

Plantiverse is a metaverse built within the MetaMetaverse, focusing on sustainability whilst breaking new ground in digital assets and metaverse economies. Plantiverse is set to significantly impact how we think about and value our natural resources by incorporating real-world data and creating a virtual economy that aligns with sustainability efforts. Plantiverse is incorporating digital twin ‘NFTrees’, using the Celo blockchain and a grow-to-earn model to create an interspecies metaverse and economy. This will gamify and align incentives for a sustainable metaverse economy.

Business Challenge:

Plantiverse is facing the challenge of creating a new way to align the digital assets economy with real-world sustainability efforts. By offering a platform that gamifies and rewards sustainable practices, Plantiverse aims to create a regenerative economy that benefits both individuals and businesses.


The community interested in Plantiverse includes those who seek to earn, invest, and collect impact NFTs, as well as individuals who are curious about sustainability and interested in realising their online social life in new ways. This can range from younger generations to those with buying power who are interested in sustainability.

Functional Requirements and Game Mechanics:

Plantiverse will incorporate elements of competition and reward, allowing users to compete for the most valuable NFTs by taking care of their real-life plants and other environmental entities.


One of the key features of Plantiverse is the ability to import 3D models, such as those exported from Blender and Unreal Engine, into the metaverse. These models are created using procedural renderings connected to data, allowing for a more immersive and data-driven virtual experience.

Grow-to-Earn Model:

The grow-to-earn model is a crucial aspect of the Plantiverse project. The model explores how real-life plant growth can influence the evolution of digital twin NFTs. This creates a virtuous cycle where individuals are incentivised to take care of their plants and contribute to the growth and success of the metaverse economy.

Data Collection:

Plantiverse utilises data captured from sensors to measure the physiological status of various environments, such as plants, corals, bees, and forests. In some cases, the project will collaborate with existing organisations that already have data, which can come from sensors, satellite imagery, or other sources. This data is collected periodically and can be gathered either online or manually.

Digital Twin Creation:

The collected data is selected and prioritised based on pre-selected criteria and paired with a 3D rendering output to create a corresponding digital twin. The data remains readable in this format, converted into a dynamic NFT and minted on the Celo blockchain.

Technical Information:

From a technical standpoint, Plantiverse leverages cutting-edge technologies such as Unreal Engine 5 plugins and features and allows importing assets such as .fbx and .gltf files from a web client to a UE client.

Plant-Governed DAO:

A plant-governed DAO will also be created as part of the project, giving the plants and other environmental entities a voice in the decision-making and voting process for how the earnings will be spent.

Value Delivered:

Our team created a highly immersive and interactive plant-based metaverse that offers users a unique experience in nature, education, and relaxation. The platform includes a comprehensive library of virtual plants, stunning environments, and engaging activities, as well as integrating with blockchain technology, enabling users to own unique NFTs.

Value for the Client:

Plantiverse provides the client with a platform to monetise through transaction commissions, sales of NFTs, and renting of virtual spaces. The client also benefits from the growing community within Plantiverse and the potential for hosting virtual events.

Value for the End-User:

Plantiverse offers users a chance to immerse themselves in a beautiful virtual environment and learn about different plant species and their uses. The platform provides opportunities for relaxation, meditation, and connection with others through its multiplayer features. Furthermore, the ability to own virtual plants as NFTs adds an additional layer of value for the end user.


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