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Define your world
as you dream it



MultiversalME is built to make dreams a reality, developing decentralised worlds as you make of them.
Enabling 3D artists, businesses, DAOs, and laymen to create civilisations and experiences as they see fit.
With freedom, and flexibility comes great responsibility.

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Overview of the
MMV Builder

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Building is easy

Imagination is your reality in Web3, the Metaverse Builder provides all you need to create any world you can think of, utilising the UE5 marketplace, drag and drop items to create an expansive experience for explorers, adventures and scale a web3 life.

Importing IRL assets

Bring your creations to life in the Metaverse Builder- import the new shoes you just bought, a vase you just made, or even yourself! Leap head first into outstanding visual fidelity, and enable the worlds you build however you see best.

Develop experiences for audiences.

Through the Metaverse builder you can develop portals into sub-metaverses within your metaverse, utilise in-game mechanics currently built out likel PvE, PvP, Coin Collection, Battle Royale, Racing and more - you may also develop your own mini-game within the metaverse to correlate with your brand or persona for your audiences.



Metaverses for Education

Metaverses for Tourism

Metaverses for Exploration

Metaverses for Events

Metaverses for Gaming

Metaverses for Fashion


Features you dream

Explore MetaMap
Explore MetaMap
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Easy and efficient UI

Drag-and-drop functionality made easy when building metaverses. Own a metaverse, own a MetaShip, and you’re good to go. Import assets as you’d like, develop interactive experiences with your branding in mind, develop your own economy with your own currency, and build marketing and engagement campaigns as you see fit. It’s part of the import menu for acquiring content and creating assets - summon through the editor tab and drag from the assets panel.

Metaverse economics building

You build your own economics model, within MultiversalME you may develop your governing society and circular economy. The beauty and flexibility of having your own world, with your own business model utilising the tool-set provided by the Metaverse Builder.
You design it. You develop it. You bring in the users. You create an engaging experience. You have an online virtual metaverse business.

Avatar creation

With our builder, you may develop reskins and models for the avatars used for your world, including skins for individuals that can be sold to users - utilising UE5’s modelling toolset, including mesh editing, UV creation and editing, with baking and mesh attributes.
3D artists can develop and iterate on assets directly through MultiversalME via the Builder.

Case Studies

Case study

Case: Plantiverse

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Read More
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Plantiverse is a project whose primary purpose is in developing a metaverse comprising of dynamic digital twin NFTrees seeding the foundation of an interspecies metaverse and an interspecies economy via Celo blockchain with a tokenomic strategy of a grow-to-earn model hence gamifying and aligning incentives for sustainable metaverse economy.