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June 20, 2023

MultiversalME Build-a-thon: MetaShip Hangar Challenge

MultiversalME is thrilled to announce its second High-Fidelity Build-a-thon. Your challenge for this event is to dream up and build a hanger worthy of our very own MetaShips to call home.

To take part in this challenge we will need you to construct a hangar for MetaShips within your own Multiversal Sandbox. Ultimately your goal is to create a showcase that highlights different designs and skills, one that is worthy of being called a MetaShip hangar of the highest caliber in the space race. Let's dive into the details and understand the significance of this task.

In this rapidly evolving era of multiversal exploration, the space race has taken on new dimensions, not just in the physical world but also within virtual realms. The MetaShip hangar we aim for you to build will be more than just a structure. It will serve as a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of our participants. It will be a place where extraordinary spaceship designs can be showcased, admired and studied. This hangar will become a hub for enthusiasts, experts and pioneers in the field, attracting attention from all corners of the multiverse.

By participating in this build-a-thon, you have the opportunity to leave a lasting mark in our Multiversal system. You will have the chance to display your skills and demonstrate your ability to design, engineer and construct a hangar that exudes creativity of the highest calibre.

Remember, the MetaShip hangar should not only be visually stunning but also functional and versatile. Be sure to consider the needs of the MetaShips it will house, whether they are sleek interstellar vessels, massive cargo carriers, or nimble exploration crafts. Your hangar should provide the necessary infrastructure, support systems and technological advancements to accommodate a diverse range of MetaShips. Blend aesthetics with functionality, merging artistry with practicality, to create an environment that showcases the future of multiversal exploration.

Throughout this build-a-thon, collaboration and teamwork will be key. Engage with your fellow participants on our Discord, exchange ideas, and combine your unique talents to create something truly exceptional. By sharing knowledge and expertise, you can harness the power of collective brilliance and achieve even greater heights in this creative endeavor.

The competition is scheduled to run for two weeks, starting Monday, June 26th through Sunday, July 9th at 23:59 CET, 2023. Participants will have exactly two weeks to build their MetaShip hangar metaverse in any style - medieval, sci-fi, new world, artistic/surreal, or anything they can dream up - the sky is the limit!

Period: Monday, June 26th 10:00AM CET - Sunday, July 9th at 23:59 CET

Prize: MultiversalME is offering an incredible prize package that includes:

1) 1 Metaverse

2) 1 MetaShip

3) $500 USDT

4) $500 VVOX

5) A chance for your metaverse to appear in an upcoming release with YOUR own branding!

Here's how it works:

Participants have 2 weeks to complete their build using the MultiversalME MetaHub environment. All resources can be put to good use, and participants can chat with the community on Discord if they need help, or would like to share ideas with each other. 

How to build? 

  • - Sign up on web with MetaMask and your Email
  • - Confirm your Email
  • - Download the MultiversalME application on Steam (You may ask the moderators within our Discord to provide you with a Steam key). The Discord server invite can be accessed through here: Discord Server.
  • - Login
  • - Click "BUILD" button on main menu to be taken to your own builder sandbox.
  • - Create an incredible metaship hangar.

How to submit your build? 

Once you are done building, you must submit a short video of your build via Twitter.

  • Video should be a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 90 seconds and posted on your Twitter account
  • Include a short phrase or description of your build
  • Include tags: @multiversalme and #MultiversalHangar

A team of judges, consisting of some of the biggest names in the space, including our CEO Joel Dietz, OGAR, LILIIA ETH, TOX SAM, NFT LAND, and NEON GLITCH86, will then evaluate the submissions for a total of 7 days. The submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

25%: Originality of design

25%: Use of space within the Metaverse

25%: Aesthetic appeal

25%: Adherence to theme

The winner of the competition will be crowned Metaverse Royalty and receive the fantastic prize package on offer. Winners will be announced on Discord and Twitter on Monday, July 17.

MultiversalME is excited to see what the participants will create during this Mini MultiversalME High-Fidelity Build-a-thon. This is a fantastic opportunity for talented individuals, builders, and studios to showcase their skills and creativity.

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