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December 26, 2022

What is MetaMetaverse?

Imagine having your own virtual world where you can create games, interactive experiences and even govern your own economy. That's precisely what MetaMetaverse offers. As a platform for creating your own metaverse, MetaMetaverse lets you bring your wildest virtual reality ideas to life.

The Next Level of Open Worlds

MetaMetaverse takes the idea of open online worlds to the next level. You can buy metaverses registered on the blockchain and do as you please with them. You can create gaming or entertainment experiences, use them as an online store, or even sell sub-metaverses you create. The possibilities are endless. You can even set the environment of your metaverse, including weather and atmospheric conditions.

Earning Opportunities for Investors and Users

In the MetaMetaverse, there are ample opportunities for earning in-game currency through engagement and transactions. Metaverse owners aim to attract as many new faces as possible, whether through existing communities or by offering compelling experiences. For example, game developers can use a metaverse to build their own games, where players can engage with each other, complete quests and missions, and win prizes. 

Business Opportunities in the MetaMetaverse

As a business developer, you can purchase space within developed metaverses for your ventures. We already have a scale replication of Dubai's financial district and the city of Toronto, offering endless opportunities. The MetaMetaverse allows you to bring your team into virtual board rooms, hold presentations, and continue to thrive in a virtual setting. Using the native currency of the MetaMetaverse, you can take your business to the next level.

The Experts behind MetaMetaverse

MetaMetaverse is being built by a team of experts in blockchain technology, including our CEO, Joel Dietz, the founder of key initiatives on the Ethereum network and MetaMask. With a combined team expertise in all things Web3, MetaMetaverse is positioned to be the leader in empowering users to explore and build their own virtual worlds.

Get your own MetaMetaverse

Do you have big ideas for your own virtual world? Register now and save your space in the metaverse from the ground floor. Our core team is developing metaverses right now, so take advantage of this opportunity to bring your virtual reality dreams to life.

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