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March 22, 2023

MetaMetaverse revamps brand to MultiversalME

March 22nd, 2023 - MetaMetaverse, the high-fidelity metaverse platform and experience, is excited to announce that it is rebranding itself as MultiversalME. This change comes with a new website;, replacing the previous The new branding and website represent the company's commitment to enabling creativity at scale and focusing on multiversal interoperability.

"Our goal at MultiversalME is to enable people to explore the multiverse and escape the limits of reality," said Joel Dietz, CEO of MultiversalME. "We believe that our new brand name and website better reflect our mission and vision for the future of multiversal travel. With this change, we're rebranding ourselves as a company focused on multiversal interoperability and enabling creativity at scale."

MultiversalME's new branding has been designed to evoke a space and dimensional travel theme. The company's new slogan, "Escape the limits of reality," reflects its commitment to helping people explore and built their own world with endless possibilities using our metaverse-building tool. The new branding elements are more vibrant, modern, and appealing to a broader audience.

The transition to MultiversalME's new branding has already begun, and the company expects to complete the process by the end of the month. Customers can continue to access the company's products and services through its new website;

"We're excited to embark on this new chapter as MultiversalME and look forward to continuing to provide an outstanding experience for metaverse travellers, explorers, gamers and builders that decide to create their own metaverse within our cosmic system," said Dietz. "We're confident that our new brand will help us stand out in the market and attract new customers who share our passion for multiversal creativity."

About MultiversalME

MultiversalME is built to make dreams a reality, developing decentralised worlds as you make of them. Enabling 3D artists, businesses, DAOs, and laymen to create civilisations and experiences as they see fit. The company's mission is to enable people to explore new dimensions and possibilities to build, owning their own piece of the multiverse. MultiversalME is committed to multiversal interoperability and enabling creativity at scale.

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